Build your Solution

What is Storyboard?

Small and Medium Businesses?

Often you feel you got a solution for your needs on the cloud platforms, but do not know where to start and where to end.

Storyboard is our answer that empowers you to build your own solution and put it in practice.

The Approach

How do you go about building your own solution?

Try following the steps below.

  1. State - Write down your problem/ need/ requirement in simple language. - It is your story.

  2. Explore - Browse through Solution Gallery and Products for related problems and solutions

  3. Define - Restate your problem statement and choose solutions and products that you feel would solve your problem.

  4. Prototype - Build a prototype by configuring the products and putting together a minimal solution

  5. Refine - Refine your solution domain by expanding coverage

  6. Test - Verify whether your solution addresses all your scenarios

  7. Go Live - Publish the solution to your audience and start using it.

Iterate steps 5, 6, and 7 as many as time you need.

At any step, should you need support, reach out to us through contact form or write to us at